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Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs/ Pole Signs/ Election Signs/ Promotional Signs:

These signs are most commonly printed on corrugated plastic sheets. They can be printed in a variety of sizes: 12″x24″, 16″x24″, 18″x24″ and the most common size: 12X16

Post signs are a simple tool yet extremely effective way in that they are very aggressive in getting the phone ringing and helping businesses boom and succeed in a competitive marketplace. They are the
most cost-effective way to market your business

Pole Signs located close to main streets help to direct the road traffic towards your business    also. City streets or highways are one of the places where large number people pass from one place to another place. Street Poles and post lamps positioned on these roads attract the attention of the people use to watch them for getting the required directions and traffic signs to follow the traffic rules across the world. Business owner’s worldwide use pole sign to inform the customers about the newly launched products or service by highlighting the best features over it. We Brampton print pole signs for various types of roads such as city lane and national highways and other lanes in different sizes as per the demand of the customers and availability of space. The sign boards and bill boards made by us are long-lasting and remain stable in different kind of weather conditions and offer various printing packages to our customers at unbeatable price compare to our competitors.

Construction Signs used to keep inform people passing through a construction site about the ongoing work near to this project site. Real estate developers and infrastructure companies often use it to put brief information related with the projects while government departments like PWD and traffic also use these Construction Signs to keep inform public about the exact work-in-progress and other warnings at the time of construction and excavation work alongside the roads. Construction sings mainly include such as Safety Barrels, Work-Zone Safety items, Traffic Cones, Warning Signs, Regulatory Signs, Barricades and Sign Posts etc. We are specialized in built-up of Construction Signs made with various materials such as metals, wood, plastics and other strong flexible materials. We use special paints & colors to make them eye-catching so that the public passing through the streets can give attentions towards it.


NO CHARGE for line type setup-large selection of fonts available.
NO CHARGE for computer generated art.
NO CHARGE for standard ink colors.
NO CHARGE for screens.


Our Specialty in Signage

  • Long-lasting and Weatherproof
  • Available in one side & two side printing
  • Plastic Coated yard signs available in both sides prints
  • Use of Fadeless Colors and Designs for long-term view
  • Waterproof & Sunlight protected Colors & Designs
  • Unlimited numbers of Letters
  • Useful Suggestion on Contents/Texts and Messages
  • Suggestions and Tips for productive Installation
  • Flexible Timing in Service, up to late night
  • Attend Minimum order 25 Signs
  • Available in Various Sizes & Shapes
  • Available at lowest price in the Industry

Available Ink colors

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Customized colors available at extra charges

Installation and Display

  • Hanging
  • Self-supporting
  • Suction cups
  • Double-sided tape
  • Velcro®
  • Framed and/or staked
  • Posts
  • Poles
  • Trees

Coroplast Order

    These prices are Based on One Color and 100 Quantity

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